Golf prepares to hit the links again

When Truman State’s men’s golf team was cut during 2011, the women’s team fought to keep themselves going. After the season last year in which the team finsished 14th in the GLVC postseason tournament, the girls’ ranking fell as they did not perform as highly as they would have liked. Starting with a new year, however, the team is ready to throw everything out on the course and try to improve.

Last spring, the women’s team coach Sam Lesseig passed away, resulting in a mid-season transition that affected the coaching staff. Although scores were not as high as the teams they competed against, junior team captain Kim Barmettler said the team is more than just scores on a paper. Barmettler said this year is the year the team will show the student body just what it is capable of. 

Senior captain Riley Keltner said golf is unlike any other sport here at Truman. She said it is an individual sport where your individual scores matter and show what you are willing to put into the sport. Keltner said this is what drives her to do her best at all times.

Keltner said she was on the golf course every day during the summer, practicing her swings, as well as driving the ball and working on her short game around the green. As the season starts up again, the team only practices together two days per week. The rest of the time, it is up to the team members to go out to a range or a course and practice on their own. 

Although the team did not go to nationals or regionals, Barmettler said the team is determined more than ever to redeem themselves and show what they are capable of on the course. 

“We’ve just been practicing a lot,” Barmettler said. “We are more confident than last year, which is key to our performance.” 

For the upcoming season, the team iwith working with a new coach. Since the team’s previous coach passed away mid-season, they did not get a full season with the new replacement. After almost six months with him, the team is ready to play its hardest. Barmettler said the coach is encouraging on and off the course, which makes a difference in their performance.  

Senior captain Courtney Cisler said she is ready to be more competitive than during previous seasons. Cisler said the team has worked on their individual goals to prove what they can do. 

When it comes to practicing, Cisler said it is important for every player to know where they are, physically and mentally. 

“We need to be mentally prepared and have goals set. It helps to work on something throughout the year,” Cisler said.

The team works hard on the course and off. In previous years, the women’s golf team has had one of the highest team GPAs on campus. 

Keltner said the team is full of girls who not only mesh well together, but know how to make everyone feel like part of the team. She said even the coach has instructed them that academics come first.

Keltner said the important thing is for the student body to be aware of the women’s team hard work. She said the team does not get a lot of attention, but they are out there, proving that they are great student athletes. 

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