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Truman graduate publishes poetry collection

December 9, 2018

Last month 2014 Truman State University graduate and writer, published his first book of poetry titled “What Loss Taught Me.”

Stephen Furlong chose to write poetry because he was blown away by the beauty and complexity of it. Furlong compared it to standing close to a painting and seeing the brushstrokes, and then by stepping away, one can see how ideas are woven together. That is one of the mystifying elements of writing, but he always thought that poetry was different. […]


Truman alumna Renee Eveland speaks on social and political issues

November 29, 2018

Renee Eveland, lawyer and Truman State University alumna, decided that current events should be a key topic for the two presentations she will give as this semester’s English and Linguistics Senior Seminar keynote speaker. She said this fall has been such a historic moment for the United States with the Kavanaugh hearings and the midterms. She thought if she were a senior in college, she would want to discuss the cultural, social and political issues happening right now in the country. […]


Truman welcomes film festival

November 22, 2018

For the first time ever, Truman State University will be hosting a film festival. This was made possible by the students in Truman Short Film Fest, a class created by Jocelyn Cullity, English professor and film studies minor committee chair.  

Cullity created this class to teach students how to establish and run a film festival. With 20 students, they have spent the semester laying the groundwork, including event-planning, promotional work and crowdfunding. […]


Textbook creator, educator to visit Truman

November 6, 2018

Back in 1975, Janet Burroway, a writer and teacher who will be visiting Truman State University, realized there was a problem in college classrooms across the country: no textbooks were available for creative writing students. Writing programs were appearing all over the country, but students were not provided with guidance from a text. Burroway said very few students even knew how to write, so she set out to write a book that would help students learn how to write short stories. […]


Sig Ep hosts first annual Festa’s Fall Festival in honor of Roger Festa

October 29, 2018

Julius, along with his fraternity brothers at Sig Ep, are hosting the first annual Festa’s Fall Festival to honor Festa, who died of oral cancer this past spring. For 27 years, Festa had served as chapter adviser for Sig Ep, one of the longest tenured Sig Ep chapter advisers in the whole country. Sig Ep wanted to honor their adviser in a way that would make Festa proud and raise money for a good cause. […]


Prairie dog expert speaks at Truman

October 16, 2018

John Hoogland, biology professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, had a busy couple of days before he arrived at Truman State University. Specifically, Hoogland needed to liquidate 800 traps and 11 observation towers, among other things, from his prairie dog field research assets. […]