Making Kirksville feel like home is easy

August 19, 2015

There’s nothing like the bittersweet return to school. Whether it’s your first year here or your last, being in Kirksville can elicit a lot of conflicting emotions. Living in Kirksville can be either one of […]

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Don’t dismiss other views

March 26, 2015

It sure would be nice if we could surround ourselves with people who only ever agreed with us, but since we don’t live in a world like that, we should embrace confrontation and the uncomfortable […]

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Define success as present happiness

February 26, 2015

The main reason students decide to go to college is the pursuit of success, that intangible idea of attaining wealth, prestige and goals. However, in this pursuit we often forget, overlook and even waste the […]

Sarah Muir, Columnist

Not Every Issue Involves Politics

February 22, 2015

For a political science major, I have an unusually low tolerance for political things. Don’t ask me to comment about the latest political controversy because my answer likely will be, “I don’t care.” While this […]

Arts & Entertainment

Taylor Swift “1989” Review

November 18, 2014

Taylor Swift is back with her fifth studio album “1989” and she’s got a brand new sound that draws from pop, alternative, and rock. Swift doesn’t need much of an introduction. She’s gone from country […]

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Eyewitness accounts can be unreliable

October 30, 2014

Ferguson refuses to fade from the news cycle. A new autopsy report appears to confirm the account of Darren Wilson, the officer who shot unarmed black teenager Michael Brown, according to an Oct. 23 Time […]


Judge Rules on Same Sex Marriage

October 9, 2014

A Missouri judge made a big move towards equality this Friday when he ruled in favor of 10 same sex couples. Gay marriage still can’t be performed in Missouri, but now the state must recognize gay marriages from other states. […]

Arts & Entertainment

Top 10 Fall Driving Songs

October 8, 2014

Fall is the best season for driving around aimlessly. Whether you are driving to see the fall colors or driving home for midterm break, this playlist will provide the perfect soundtrack. 1)   “Blue Ridge Mountains” […]

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Wet tailgating indicates change

September 19, 2014

During my three years at Truman State, I’ve always heard rumors about wet tailgating, but I never thought I would actually see it happen. But this time the rumors are true. Truman now allows wet tailgating. The decision is a surprising departure from the institution’s historically conservative alcohol policies on our campus.

The decision likely will increase interest in Truman athletics. However, it might lead to questioning the dry campus rules throughout coming years as Truman experiments with wet tailgating.

The question of whether there should be wet tailgating is one student government has brought up numerous times throughout the past. This time, student government is allowing wet tailgating. Of course, this doesn’t mean anyone can freely drink alcohol around Stokes Stadium right before a game.