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Travel Tip: DuKum Inn

February 17, 2015

Home to a rich collection of local culture, the Dukum Inn is located in downtown Kirksville where it has stood since 1938. Owner Craig Shorten reveals why dollar bills are stuck to the ceiling and […]

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Unmaking the Grade

February 15, 2015

[easingsliderpro id=”25″] Here’s a strange thought — I’ve already been here in Helsinki for more than a month. I can honestly say I love it here. I love the people, the environment, the way of […]

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8 Things to Do Before Studying Abroad

February 9, 2015

Kate is a junior studying this semester in Linz, Austria. Check in each week for posts from Kate and other bloggers as they share their experiences abroad.   Preparing to study abroad doesn’t happen overnight, […]

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Packing Light

February 2, 2015

[easingsliderpro id=”22″] When I moved out of my dorm during December, I brought home two suitcases, three very large boxes, five lamps, two laundry bags stuffed to the brim and a mini futon. This year […]

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The Adventure Begins!

January 25, 2015

Friends, neighbors, countrymen, citizens of every land, welcome to this first installment of my travel blog! If you don’t know me already…hi! My name is Jonah and I’m a university student from the US studying […]

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My New France

January 19, 2015

Mary is a sophomore studying abroad this semester in Angers, France. Check in each week for posts from Mary and other bloggers as they share their experiences abroad.   Like many Americans, the Paris I […]

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The Sunken Garden

December 4, 2014

The Sunken Garden is now a site where many Truman State alumni choose to get married. Legend says if a couple has their first kiss in the garden at midnight, they are destined to get […]

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The Abandoned Ski Lodge

October 31, 2014

Before Kirksville’s Rainbow Basin Ski Lodge closed down during 1991, local residents visited the lodge to eat, relax and enjoy the slopes. The snowmakers ran at night and the lights glistened on the snow-covered hills. […]

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The Legend of Train Bridge

October 28, 2014

Many Truman State University students consider Train Bridge a rite of passage. Groups of students will leave the comforts of campus and drive down miles of secluded gravel roads to reach the wooden bridge and […]