Around the Quad,Editorial

Around the Quad — renaming Truman State

31 Oct , 2016  

Our university is named after Harry S. Truman, who was President of the United States during a very trying time. Many, including the Truman community in 1996, believe Truman’s accomplishments to outweigh his mistakes, while others feel negatively about Truman. For this week’s Around the Quad, we asked students and staff what they would rename Truman […]

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Choose Halloween costumes that aren’t offensive

27 Oct , 2016  

It’s official — fall is finally here. Fall is, by far, the best season for many reasons. The leaves are changing colors, bugs are returning to the hell where they belong, it is finally cold enough that I can wear my flannels and sweaters without melting and, of course, the main reason fall is the […]


Our View: graduation commencement

3 Oct , 2016  

Graduation is a major event in most students’ lives and is a day of celebrating hard-earned achievements, but the upcoming May 2017 ceremonies seem to be causing more concern and confusion than excitement among students. “If you are planning on graduating in May 2017 please read,” was the first line of an email sent by […]

Around the Quad,Editorial

ATQ- What would you like the next University President to do differently from Paino?

20 Sep , 2016  

The Truman community is in a period of transition, as the Board of Governors and Presidential Search Committee locate Troy Paino’s replacement. Paino was very popular on campus, and he is missed by many. This week, we asked students and staff what they would like to see the next president do differently.   Ben Barker, […]

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