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1, 3, 5 Cus We Can’t Even – Episode 6

29 Apr , 2015   Video

Alex and Abe are joined by a special guest who weighs in on the shows growing coverage of space, coffee and guns in parks. The group also discusses animals being classified as “legal persons” as well as the dangers of not getting enough coffee. Unfortunately this week’s recording was cut short by technical difficulties but […]

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1, 3, 5 – Because We Can’t Even

13 Apr , 2015   Video

Abe and Alex battle it out over a lucky elderly couple, a mistaken Banksy sale, and NBC’s upcoming live performance of The Wiz. They also provide an update on the recent One Direction shakeup and the announcement of the closing of Grim Hall on campus as well as give a shoutout to a couple of […]

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1, 3, 5 — Because We Can’t Even 3.28.15

31 Mar , 2015   Video

This week Alex and Abe get serious, covering stories such as the upcoming one year mission to the moon, Ted Cruz’s questionable presidential announcement, and the heartbreaking shakeup in One Direction’s membership.  

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1,3,5 Cus We Can’t Even: Sat. Feb. 28

1 Mar , 2015  

This week Alex flies solo and discusses the implication of the FCC’s recent ruling on Net Neutrality as well as the controversy of “The Dress.” She also reports on other important topics such as an owl that is wreaking havoc on a Dutch town and a man whose Log Cabin suddenly went missing.


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1-3-5 Because We Can’t Even 01-31-15

10 Feb , 2015