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Music Review: “Rollercoaster” by Bleachers

December 2, 2014

Even as winter approaches, the warm sense of nostalgia and intense energy in Bleachers’ latest single, “Rollercoaster,” are bound to transport you back to your favorite summer memories. Bleachers is the most recent project of […]

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Movie Review: Big Hero 6

November 23, 2014

As you might expect from a Disney film, “Big Hero 6” was fun, adorable, and heartwarming. The main character, Hiro, is a witty teenager who is dealing with the death of his best friend and […]

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This Week in Music History: Kashmir

November 20, 2014

This week in music history — Nov. 19, 1973, rock band Led Zeppelin began recording the song originally titled “Driving to Kashmir,” which was eventually shortened to “Kashmir” when released as a track on the […]

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Taylor Swift “1989” Review

November 18, 2014

Taylor Swift is back with her fifth studio album “1989” and she’s got a brand new sound that draws from pop, alternative, and rock. Swift doesn’t need much of an introduction. She’s gone from country […]

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Interstellar Review

November 16, 2014

Not only did “Interstellar” live up to my high expectations, it greatly surpassed them. I thought it would be a pretty straightforward sci-fi film about astronauts traveling to another galaxy to find a new planet […]

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Top Ten Covers (That Rival the Originals)

November 13, 2014

Bon Iver: I Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time The piano introduction is beautiful and much simpler than the Bonnie Raitt original. Singer Justin Vernon’s falsetto vocals add so much feeling to this already […]

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Movie Review: “Before I Go to Sleep”

November 9, 2014

“Before I Go to Sleep” was action-filled, suspenseful and had an amazing plot twist that took me completely by surprise. If it weren’t for the recently released “Gone Girl” movie, I might have given this […]