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Movie Review: Divergent

March 24, 2014

With a concept like an overgrown personality test and a villain who specifically states that she is against “individual will,” “Divergent” could have easily become a clichéd mess that was impossible to watch without lots of eye rolling. […]

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Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

March 19, 2014

Wes Anderson, intentionally or not, has become the indie god of charm. Ralph Fiennes helps out, of course, and the rest of the star-studded cast doesn’t hurt either, but it’s Anderson’s unique and singular vision […]

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Movie Review: The Wind Rises

March 10, 2014

5/5 stars Miyazaki’s final film is a heavy experience. It’s like being handed a stone that lets you understand the true weight of creativity. It’s about sacrifice and glory, and the fact that nothing beautiful […]

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Movie Review: Non-Stop

March 5, 2014

Non-Stop’s hero loves his family and hates airports. We know this in less than a minute. Here, the typecast, but always inspiring, Liam Neeson plays federal marshal Bill Marks, a less-confident version of the hero we’ve seen from him before. Marks is lonely, his eyes lingering on couples. He seems agitated and skittish, acutely aware of a Middle Eastern man. He later stares down a black businessman. Is he racist? Is he profiling? Is he simply noticing details?

Bill helps a little girl who is afraid of getting on the plane, which lets us know early on he has a heart of gold. But the act has an audience, winning over a stewardess. Coincidence, or is it calculated? The flight soon is underway, and feels mundane and familiar in the way only flights can. A woman is picky about her seat. The black businessman from earlier blocks the aisle for too long. The stewardess brings drinks. […]

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ScreenShot: Black History Month

February 27, 2014

This week, Ian talks to the current president of Truman’s chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha about his views on black history month and the current role of black actors in media.
In the Prescription this week are Son of God and Non-Stop! […]