Propane Leak

Propane leak occurred on Green Street

April 7, 2014

A propane leak occurred this afternoon at 2:45 p.m. at Hunter Tire, located at 1616 N Green St. The leak currently is contained. Kirksville Fire Department Captain James Snyder says Heetco was working on a […]


Two-car accident sends two people to hospital

April 5, 2014

Two people were brought to Northeast Regional Medical Center Saturday after their trucks collided at the intersection of Rosewood and Baltimore streets. Witness Hossam Hassan says one vehicle was driving southbound on Baltimore St. when […]


Career center offers tips for proper etiquette

March 4, 2014

To help students learn proper etiquette for dining with potential employers,
the Career Center hosted an etiquette dinner yesterday.
The dinner consisted of a four-course meal, with many potential challenges
one might face in a professional dining situation, such as which way to pass the
bread (Hint: Always to the right) or how to put crackers in your soup (Hint: You
don’t). […]