KRCCU is refunded & operational

The Kirksville Regional Computer Crimes Unit resumed operation during February after one month spent offline.

KPD Detective Steve Feeney was reinstated as KRCCU investigator Feb. 17 and immediately returned to work in the computer crimes lab.

Feeney said the Kirksville Police Department is applying to receive the grant backing for the unit because the state since has released grant funding, but the department first must apply and be approved to receive it. He said the applications currently are being reviewed and the department should be notified soon with the funding decision.

Feeney said KPD has not had problems securing funding for the Computer Crimes Unit during the past, and if all goes well, the small task force will be fully funded soon. He said the total budget allocated for computer crimes task forces in Missouri is $1.5 million. KPD has applied to receive enough grant funding for the detective salary and training trips.

Gov. Jay Nixon had withheld funds for the State Cyber Crime Grant since June 2014, which included the funding used to maintain the Computer Crimes Unit. The Kirksville Police Department continued to fund the task force out-of-pocket for the duration of 2014 until it became impossible for the department to continue.

The department declared the unit inoperational Jan. 18, without a clear indication of when or how it would regain operational status. Nixon then released the grant funding during February making the grant capital available to law enforcement agencies in Missouri with task forces devoting special attention to Internet crime.