“The Maze Runner” Review

As someone who read the book and didn’t care for it, I think “The Maze Runner” was a great improvement. Of course the movie had the same confusing story with underdeveloped characters, but it got to the point more quickly than the book. The film didn’t waste time on the protagonist Thomas’ inner monologues or include the crazy plot twists featured in the book like telepathy and invisible portals. In my opinion, film is clearly the better way to tell the story of “The Maze Runner.”
The actors did an amazing job portraying their characters, making readers and first-timers feel their pain and hope for their freedom. I especially liked the way they introduced Thomas, played by Dylan O’Brien. Just as Thomas showed up in the box with no memories, viewers were forced right into the story with no explanation. We knew just as much as Thomas knew, making the film dramatic and suspenseful.
The maze gave off an eerie feeling, something the book failed to do with words. However, the Grievers, which were supposed to be terrifying, looked like giant cyborg caterpillars. I don’t blame the filmmakers, though, because the description of them was awful and confusing in the book. Besides, with all the dark and shaky camera work, I didn’t really get a close look at the ‘scary’ monsters anyway.
While the movie was better than the book, it was still just OK. It might be worth seeing in theaters if you’ve read “The Maze Runner,” but if not, you probably should just wait until it comes out on DVD.