What’s New: “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness”

Fans of Jack’s Mannequin will be thrilled to hear Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness’ self-titled debut album.

Jack’s Mannequin’s lead singer has rebranded himself as Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. The sound is similar to his previous act, but more mature. It’s an uplifting, calming, dreamy album and a perfect listen heading into November.

Record Label, Release Date, Producer: “Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness” was released Oct. 14, 2014 by Vanguard Records and was produced by Mike Viola, James Flannigan and Andrew McMahon.

Recommended If You Like: Jack’s Mannequin obviously, but also any piano-driven music with lyrics that tell a story.

Hometown: Concord, Massachusetts

Standout Tracks: See Her On The Weekend” is a classic Andrew McMahon song. It tells a sad story, but pairs it with a pleasing melody and catchy lyrics. “Driving Through A Dream” is another standout track with the signature dreamy California sound that Jack’s Mannequin’s music usually exhibited.

Notable Lyrics: “When the roads end to desert everywhere/ Leaves are falling and the church bell’s ringing/ She disappears,” from “Canyon Moon.”

Did You Know: “Cecilia And The Satellite” was written as a letter to his daughter.

What The Critics Say: “Like I’ve often said about my favorite artists, hearing a new Andrew McMahon album at this point feels like reconvening with an old friend, and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness is especially welcoming given that it’s probably his most consistent front-to-back set of songs since ‘Transit,’” says Absolute Punk’s review.

Check It Out: You can stream the whole album here.