Netflix Roulette: The final recap

Katey Stoetzel and Sara Hettel recap the various shows that the Netflix Roulette wheel forced them to watch over the course of two semesters. It’s a lot of talk about the past, and some about the future, too. What’s next in store for these two? Yeah, they don’t know either. Probably watching more Netflix, honestly.

Sara: Well, this is it.

Katey: Brb crying.

Sara: We’re graduating now. We can’t invade TMN with our sassy commentary anymore. What are we gonna do? :'(

Katey: I don’t know. Continuing with our sassy commentary I think is the only thing we can do.

Sara: So continue with it we shall. Coming soon to a desktop near you: Netflix Roulette 2: The Blog. (We should probably come up with a better sequel title than that.)

Katey: Haha, probably. But before we figure out those details (perhaps a podcast!!), let’s recap Netflix Roulette round one. I feel like when we first started this last semester, we didn’t really know what we were getting into.

Sara: A lot of really terrible shows. That’s what we got into. The Borgias was a particularly awful one for me.

Katey: But they had a monkey! That was its only redeeming quality, and then they killed the poor thing off. But how did you feel about only looking at pilot episodes? I know we chose pilot episodes because of time, but with certain shows, I found myself wanting to go back and talk about it, but because of the nature of NR, we couldn’t.

Sara: I agree with you on that. I really enjoyed the idea of NR in theory, but it was pretty limiting. It would have been cool to expand it into movie territory as well.

Katey: Talking about pilots also got hard with shows I had already seen, though I love going back to watch pilots after seeing the entire show. So that was kind of a double-edged sword. With this new blog, I think we should expand to old movies, new releases and ones on Netflix.

Sara: There’s definitely a bias that comes with seeing a whole series and only reviewing the pilot. It took me months to get past the Parks and Rec pilot, but now I laugh just as hard as I do any other episode. I agree with all expansions! I need somewhere to dump my Civil War feelings within the next few weeks.

Katey: Did we watch the pilot for Parks and Rec? Haha, my memory is terrible. And yes, I’m sure I’m going to have a lot of feelings about Civil War. We should do something for that.

Sara: No, I was praying it would pop up on the wheel all year. But yeah, broadening our approach is a definite goal. Moving on from future plans, though, did you find a new favorite show from NR?

Katey: The only show I watched all the way through was Friday Night Lights. Man, I loved that show. There was an episode during season four called “The Son” that was absolutely amazing. I watched a lot of Scrubs. And I really tried to get into Being Human, but gave up a season and a half in. What about you?

Sara: Arrow was the one I got furthest into, and Scrubs was up there as well. I never got around to watching Friday Night Lights, but it’s on my list. As a side note, it’s really cool too to see how these shows evolve over time — like the X-Files Revival and the new, upcoming Twin Peaks series.

Katey: Twin Peaks is definitely on my list to continue, especially now that school’s over. But I’m really glad for NR, because I got to see a lot of shows that I had been wanting to start and never got around to it.

Sara: Same! It was a nice snapshot into each series. It also forced me to watch some shows I never would have thought twice about and ended up loving, haha. Jericho being one of those.

Katey: Once we got into the groove of it, got the posts to feel a bit more like a conversation, I thought it worked well. I think we started off with each of us writing really huge paragraphs, which was kind of awkward and weird, haha.

Sara: For sure. Being both conversational and journalistic was a tough balance, but we figured it out. I’d call NR a success.

Katey: It was a nice change from writing straight-forward reviews for the Index every week, too. Thanks for asking me to join you on this project, Sara. It was fun.

Sara: Aww, thanks for writing it with me! Here’s to the future of Netflix Roulette!