Sound Opinions: Aquadome creates perfect weekend lineup

It was another busy week in Barnett Hall and Kirksville in general. Things were bustling in the KTRM offices, local business owners were leaving, some physical plant workers swept up a pile of sticks at Red Barn — it was a wild week.

The local music calendar for the week shaped up to be a paradoxical lineup — a Thursday night Aquadome house show that featured soft, folky sounds, as well as a Friday night show that featured a couple of speaker stacks as tall as me.

Ryan Stier came down from Des Moines to join the Aquadome for another evening of echoey acoustic sounds with Extravision. This was his third visit to Kirksville in the past year or so. Extravision, a trio of musicians who came from as far away as Columbia, Missouri, and Des Moines, Iowa, led a quiet show for the evening. Even mid-state local Landon Wolf made the drive up MO-63 as the band Reagan Goes to Lunch to play some thoughtful, folky lo-fi —a type of sound recording which contains technical flaws — and Aquadome President Josh Brumfield played his guitar throughout the evening.

Friday, a hard rock show was scheduled at the Aquadome, the complete opposite in sound as the show from the night before. The Skagbyrds were bringing their grungy rock sound back from St. Louis, as most of their members have since graduated from Truman State, and heavy rock trio The Many Colored Death made another trip up from Columbia to pair with local regulars Conman Economy and American Basswood for a show that was billed as a “Battle Royale”.

I missed the Skagbyrds due to a conflict in time. It was a packed house, and I gave myself a charley horse trying to kneel below the stage to take pictures. Hardcore life. After I hustled back across the Square towards the ‘Dome, I had a chance to catch up with Elliot Asbed of the Skagbyrds, who is an old acquaintance from my first years in college. He passed me their last two EPs, with selected tracks making it into the rotation at KTRM this week. It was a surprise and a pleasure to see him, as he was not a part of the band the last time I saw them play.

Jon Gooch of Conman Economy was, again, the hand in putting the event together — he pulled The Many Colored Death back into town for the second time this year, and they were heavy like a freight train. Brent Moore on lead guitar and Shea Spence on drums are both fine musicians, but Preston Rodgers was a show within the show, playing what can only be described as “sick” bass lines.

I caught most of the Conman set before dipping out early on the evening’s events because of the weather.

Local music keeps showing up at KTRM, lighting our boomboxes on fire from how loud we turn up the jams made in Kirksville. Fresh stuff as of late is varied in sound — we’ve added metal jams from Secular Era, lo-fi punk from American Basswood and undulating electronic sounds from Dennis Baker, as well as a handful of other tracks. The upcoming KTRM mixtapes will undoubtedly ruin many aux cords from fire damage, and if you have not already picked up a copy of the new Aquadome & Friends mix CD, go find a copy as it is great party music.

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This article appeared in the Sept. 15 issue of the Index.