Kate’s Kitchen: Mixing Food and Good Tips

When I was young and looking forward to college, I thought being able to go grocery shopping  by myself would be the coolest thing. I’ve found a few cooler activities since then, but I still enjoy cooking for myself and others. Kate’s Kitchen will bring you sometimes healthy, usually easy and always delicious recipes that easily can be made by any cook, regardless of skill level!

It’s been a few years since I experienced my Truman Week. However, during my vacation in the mountains this week, the confusion brought on by altitude reminded me of some tips I can share in this week’s edition of Kate’s Kitchen.

Ramen is delicious and cheap, but not a very healthy food source. It’s great when camping or dorming because all it requires is hot water. It’s not exactly revolutionary to tell college students to eat ramen, such advice probably is even sent with Truman State welcome packets. There are, however, some dorm-friendly ways to make it healthier.

The easiest way is to add frozen veggies, which are more closely related to actual vegetables than the dehydrated chunks typically found in ramen. Keep them in your freezer, then dump them in with the hot water. If you’re looking for more protein, grocery stores offer pre-cooked and -cut chicken that can be popped in.

Hiking all day burns a lot of calories. You know what doesn’t? Sitting and studying for Biology 101. Many “bars,” such as Clif Bars, LUNA bars and about a million others might seem healthy, but make sure you look at their nutrition facts. These bars often are intended for outdoor activities that burn a lot of calories. They often have as many or more calories than a candy bar.

If you really want to track calories, many Sodexo options already are loaded in apps such as MyFitnessPal

“Be bear aware,” read many signs I drove past during my vacation. You, Truman freshman, need to be roommate aware. Sharing space can mean sharing food, willingly or not.

New Bulldogs, welcome to Truman! You’re going to love it here, especially when you experience chicken bowl day. Check in with Kate’s Kitchen next week for a tasty new recipe by a notable 8-year-old chef.

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