The Good, The Bad, and The Boujee: Bad tracks, who needs em, amirite? – Aug 13

In this series, KTRM Promotions Director Matt Ragsdale will have a week in review for all things music so that you know what’s good, bad, and of course boujee.


BROCKHAMPTON – Swamp/Gummy A pair of new singles with music videos from the forthcoming BROCKHAMPTON album Saturation 2. Both videos follow different storylines, but still follow the same stylings from the album which was released earlier this summer (check the first article for a review of that album). The guys keep the summer hot with infectious grooves and some solid hooks.

The Districts – Airplane New track from the new Districts album which was released today. If you’re looking for some groovy modern rock with a throwback sound check out this song, if not listen to the full album.

Lil Peep – Brightside A little left of center is this new single from Lil Peep. Previously I have not been impressed with Peep’s work and was actually expecting to write off the whole song. HOWEVER, after sitting down and giving “Brightside” a full listen, it’s actually really good. Peep offers an inventive sound with some great guitar licks alongside some good modern hip-hop production. If you’re looking for an interesting take on hip-hop definitely give this track a listen.


In an unforeseen twist of fate there’s nothing to report for bad tracks. Hopefully things will turn around in time for the next article, so that you may know which tracks to steer clear of.


Musicians being featured in TV shows is nothing new. Even the idea of a musician having a show isn’t anything new. However, the TV shows of today don’t resemble any of the TV shows which marked my childhood. Many millennials, like myself, grew up during the implosion of MTV, which had shows featuring Flavor Flav and Bret Michaels looking for their respective loves (shouts out to Pumpkin and New York). Skip forward to the present day and we have a whole new cast of musicians making TV which actually has some merit. One dude in particular who’s not new to the realm of TV is Tyler the Creator. Tyler’s first show Loiter Squad, which premiered on Adult Swim back in 2012, featured a mixture of Jackass-style stunts, skits, and a lot of Tyler’s crazy characters and friends. The show was an instant success and ran for 3 seasons. This month Tyler unveiled his next live-action TV show called Nuts + Bolts. It’s a blend of how it’s made and Shaq Vs. In the series, Tyler lets the audience in on some of his many interests, then teams up with professionals to then do the things which he’s interested in. The first episode premiered August 3 and is available to watch in full for free. Although this isn’t even the only show which Tyler is premiering this year! Tyler debuted a show back in 2015 called The Jellies, which he co-created with former Loiter Squad cast member and friend Lionel Boyce. The series has been picked up by Adult Swim and is coming soon to a TV near you. With a new hit album (which I haven’t been able to put down since its release), a Converse shoe collaboration which sold-out immediately, and 2 TV shows it seems like Tyler is really living large, if not a little boujee as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, but remember these are just my opinions. Listen to these songs and maybe you’ll like ’em, if not that’s okay too.

From here on out The Good, The Bad, and The Boujee will move to a bi-weekly posting schedule. Come back every other Friday for another new article about some good, some bad, and whatever else I feel like talking about.