The Good, The Bad, and The Boujee – Jun 23

In this series, KTRM Promotions Director Matt Ragsdale will have a week in review for all things music so that you know what’s good, bad, and of course boujee.


Haim – Want You Back (Single/Music Video)

The most recent single from Haim came out yesterday and it’s worth a multiple watches and listens. It’s very good. The video follows the Haim sisters as they walk through Ventura Boulevard in California (thanks Google). The video features each sister and their distinct dance moves until the end of the video when they break out in a choreographed dance, the moves are sweet. Anyway, the song, like many HAIM songs, is about a relationship gone awry, and the sisters tell us how they “still want you back.” The song is fun and sure incite dancing at any party, accordingly it’s another great addition to the HAIM catalog.

Vince Staples – Rain Comes Down (Single/Video)

In lieu of a full feature of the new album, I’ll just focus on the most recent video from Vince Staples which is certifiably fresh (to borrow from our favorite fruit-themed movie review site). The single features the unlikely pairing of Ty Dolla Sign and Staples, but the two mc’s play very well together. Ty Dolla Sign’s moody crooning over the chorus really sets the melancholy vibe of the single. The single focusses on the lifestyle present in Long Beach, California (where Staples was born and raised) and the racial divide present there. The chorus could be the call for rain, or change to come to the Staples knows all too well. Check out this single and the rest of the album, which came out today.


Dj Khaled – I’m So Grateful (Single)

With the release of the new album Grateful we get to hear a new side of Khaled. One very introspective and open following the birth of his first son. The change in subject matter is refreshing, however, this intro track to this brand new Khaled is sour. At first, the feature from reggae singer Sizzla brings yet another new fold to Khaled’s style, but very quickly it changes up and becomes unbearable to listen to. As the singer floats from key to key over he doesn’t follow any cues from the beat crafted by Khaled and instead ventures into a territory which is just bad. The song finishes with an outro courtesy of Khaled. This is also not good. Anyone familiar with Khaled’s rants knows the guy just likes to listen to his own voice, this addition is nothing new. Khaled rants about his blessings, how grateful he is, he goes on and on. It starts out as a nice sentiment, but it drags on until you really have to turn the song off. If you’re going to listen to the album you should really skip this intro track.


Unfortunately, this week had relatively low offerings of anything boujee enough to comment on. Comeback next week for a brand new roundup and a some particularly boujee news.

That sums up the good, the bad, and the boujee for this week. I encourage you to seek out these songs and form your own opinion.