The Good, The Bad, and The Boujee: Kanye Leaks, Pop Stars Feud, and More – June 9

In this series, KTRM Promotions Director Matt Ragsdale will have a week in review for all things music so that you know what’s good, bad, and of course boujee.


BROCKHAMPTON – Saturation (album)

The Texas hip-hop collective BROCKHAMPTON lead by MC Kevin Abstract dropped their latest album Saturation Thursday, June 8 and it’s worth a few rotations of the whole album. From start to finish Abstract and company churn out 17 tracks with a variety of hip-hop styles, which range from smooth R&B ballads like “FACE” and “WASTE” to hard-hitting bangers like the opening track “HEAT.” The album explores a flurry of themes as well, which range from sexuality, love, life, and the desire for fame. Kevin Abstract let fans know via Instagram they shouldn’t skip around the album, “please don’t skip the skits or singles!! It will make more sense on Saturation II.” So keep your eyes peeled for Saturation II because if it’s anything like this first project it’ll be worth the listen. Saturation is available on all streaming services according to Abstract’s Instagram.

For fans of Injury Reserve, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean.

Gorillaz – Sleeping Powder (Music Video)

With the most recent Gorillaz album having just come out it seems as though this new single didn’t quite make the cut for the album, but I can’t understand why. Sleeping Powder is a funky track reminiscent of older Gorillaz cuts like “19 2000” and “Last Living Souls.” With a punchy synth bassline and dreamy vocals delivered by Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, the single is sure to delight many older fans as well as newcomers to the group (although it’s pretty hard not to know who the Gorillaz are after writing two of the most popular songs of the early 2000’s). The music video is a trip too. I’m really sure how to describe visually, it’s one of those things you have to just watch to know.


Kanye West – Hold Tight (Leaked Single)

As an avid Yeezy fan, I keep track of all things going on with the troubled pop star. To my surprise and elation, a pair of tracks featuring many big names in hip-hop surfaced on the internet. The tracks are Hold Tight featuring Migos and Young Thug and Euro featuring A$ap Rocky. Since then both tracks have been stricken from Youtube as well as all streaming sites, so good luck finding them to listen for yourself. The track I had the displeasure of spending any time with was Hold Tight featuring Migos and Young Thug. The track is Yeezy’s first major foray into trap music and it’s about as natural as a blind toddler successfully piloting a Boeing 747 through a mountain range full of treacherous obstacles (which include, but are not limited to; giant spikes, explosives, a giant shark tank, and a flock geese flying alongside the airliner). However, it’s not just the production that doesn’t hold a candle to the unimaginative and inane verses posited throughout the song. The verses provided by Quavo and Offset of Migos, and Young Thug are the most mediocre features in all of 2017 (yes even worse than Lil Uzi on “Bad and Boujee”). The only saving grace is Takeoff, of Migos, coming through with a solid verse about, however it turns out to be the shortest of all the verses. The song focuses on the idea that Kanye and company have been acting out so much because they’ve been ‘actin’ like I’m white,’ which comprises half of the chorus lead by Quavo. All in all the song is a mess and doesn’t deserve to resurface on the internet. Although this is a leak so there is a chance the actual release of the song may feature updated production and tightened verses, but I’m not going to hold tight to that assumption.


This week’s boujee-est offering is the feud between pop stars Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. The pair have been Hot n Cold for a few years now, but now it really seems like the stars have some definitive Bad Blood. Recently Katy Perry released “Swish Swish” featuring Nicki Minaj (I wholly recommend this track to anyone who is unfamiliar) which many fans have taken as a diss track from Katy to Taylor Swift. Last night Perry dropped her newest album Witness, however immediately after Swift made all of her songs available for streaming on all music platforms. Swift has previously been opposed to having her music streamed on sites like Spotify because she feels the streaming platforms don’t do enough for artists. Maybe this rift will provide us with a Taylor Swift diss track to Katy Perry, or maybe Perry will answer back with another track flaunting over Swift. I don’t know what the future holds for these two, but hopefully includes some sweet battle raps between the pop stars.

That sums up the good, the bad, and the boujee for this week. I encourage you to seek out these songs and form your own opinion.

One album that didn’t quite make the cut for any section this week is the Alt-J record Relaxer. While the band does further their sound a bit more than they have on their previous two outings, it didn’t resonate as well with me (to be fair I wasn’t a fan of This Is All Yours anyway). However, if you’re just going to listen to the singles I think you’ll have a better time than I did.

Come back next week for another round up of music and all things music.

Matt Ragsdale is a senior Communication major with an emphasis in journalism. Matt serves as the promotion manager for KTRM as well as the Assistant producer of TMN TV.