How to be a (not so) terrible roommate

Ask any college graduate about their first roommate, and they are bound to have stories to tell — some inspiring, some hilarious, and some downright unbelievable. Over 98 percent of freshman live on campus here at Truman, and like it or not, having a roommate is an inescapable part of residence hall life.  Many freshmen get along with their roommates just fine, but it’s entirely possible that you and your roommate won’t see eye to eye — and that’s okay. Conflict can stem from little things, like always forgetting to clean the bathroom, or from deeper clashes of personality, habits or morals. At times like these, don’t forget that the only person you can truly control is yourself. You and your roommate will be very much in the same boat, so be patient with each other.

Check out the video below for few examples of how NOT to treat your roommate.