Lyceum ticket prices increase

Truman State University’s Kohlenberg Lyceum Series ticket prices for the 2018-2019 season have increased to $10.  

Truman Public Relations Director Heidi Templeton said tickets for the series used to be free, but the series began charging $5 for the tickets during the 2016-2017 season. Templeton said the ticket prices have increased because of a lack of funding. There used to be funding in the state budget for the series, but now the series relies on an endowment, donors and ticket sales for funding. The money from the tickets goes back into Lyceum to pay for a performer’s expenses.

Templeton said she hopes increased prices will not affect turnout at the events, but she thinks the tradition and mission of the Lyceum series will secure audience attendance.

“One of the ultimate goals of the Lyceum series is to provide an entertainment, cultural event that people do leave smiling, and they’re happy,” Templeton said.

Lyceum series co-chair Zac Burden said although the ticket prices have increased, the Lyceum committee is committed to bringing in quality performances while keeping prices low enough for the shows to be accessible to the community. He said Truman’s prices are low compared to ticket prices at other universities and venues, and the new prices are still a good value for the shows.

“For $10 you can see a show that you would normally expect to pay $50-150 somewhere else to see,” Burden said.