Sustainability Fee to be Proposed

Potential Fee Uses:

  • Solar panels
  • New composting system
  • Eco-friendly lawn maintenance
  • Campus energy efficiency
  • Expanding campus glass recycling
“The Environmental Campus Organization sent out a survey to Truman State students and faculty last week to gauge student opinions about a potential sustainability fee at Truman.
This proposed fee, inspired by similar measures at Webster University and Missouri State University, would cost full-time students about $2 per year. The money, which would total about $12,000 per year, would go to funding sustainability projects at Truman.
Senior Elizabeth Ward, ECO President, says ECO plans to analyze the survey data and present the proposal to Student Government for a vote before the end of this semester.
If Student Government approves the fee, it will go to the student body for a vote during April, Ward explains. If the student body approves the fee, University President Troy Paino and the Board of Governors will have the final decision to implement it.
Ward says the fee potentially could go into effect during the fall 2015 semester.

“With the fee, we can get things moving quickly,” Ward says. “Right now, we don’t have a great record of sustainability. It’s good but not great.”

If the fee is implemented, Ward says a committee likely will be formed to decide how the money is spent. The committee will consist of the Student Government Environmental Affairs Chair and students from organizations such as ECO and Communiversity Garden. Committee members would write proposals for sustainability projects, which the committee then would vote on. If passed, Student Government would have the final approval.
Sophomore Adrian Wheeler, Student Government Environmental Affairs Chair, says Student Government is looking forward to working with ECO on the sustainability fee. He says while he is confident ECO will propose the fee, if it does not, Student Government will move forward with this issue on its own.

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Photo credit: Paige Yungerman
The Environmental Campus Organization is working to expand existing sustainability programs at Truman State. Current sustainability efforts include recycling in residence halls and the glass recycling program started last year.