10 Things to do in Kirksville after 10 p.m.

Whether you came from a big city or small town, adjusting to life in Kirksville can be a challenge. While it can be fun and exciting to explore all that Kirksville has to offer, it gets difficult late at night when many businesses are closed. But don’t fret — here are 10 things you can do after 10 p.m. in Kirksville.


 1. Train Bridge

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Arguably one of the most popular late-night hang outs in Kirksville, Train Bridge has been entertaining Truman State students after sunset for many years. No one is quite sure who first discovered the Train Bridge or why people began gathering there, but on warm nights you’re sure to find students standing on the bridge over the tracks, waiting for trains to rush by. If you don’t know where it is, you aren’t alone. It’s part of the tradition to find an upperclassman as your guide.

If you want to make train bridge your late-night hangout spot, make sure you have some type of transportation, and bring a blanket or two. Also, don’t go down by the tracks — not only is it illegal, it’s extremely dangerous.


2. Walmart

Ah, Walmart. If you haven’t been to the Kirksville Walmart, have you really been to Kirksville? It’s open 24/7, and if you have nothing else to do, it can be very entertaining. Love people watching? Want to test out plastic swords? Need to stock up on energy drinks? You can do it all at Walmart.

Make sure to bring some friends if you go late at night. Otherwise, it can be somewhat depressing.


3. Downtown Cinema 8DSC_0109

The Kirksville movie theater may advertise its hours as 1 to 10 p.m. daily, but if you go to their latest showing, you can easily be in the theater until well past 11:30. Plus, it’s a great way to spend an evening with friends or have a nice weekend date. Don’t forget to bring your student ID and ask for a discount, since you can get up to $2 off just for being a student.

Don’t want to go out to the movies? Try Pickler Memorial Library.


4. Pickler Memorial Library

The campus library might not seem like a typical late-night hang-out spot, but for Truman students, it’s a very popular place. It’s open just as late as any of the bars in town during the week, and is a good option for those wanting a calmer atmosphere. Plus, with Starbucks open until 11 p.m., you can catch up with friends over homework and coffee at a time that fits your busy schedules.

And for students not wanting to spend money at the movie theater, the Media Library on the second floor has a huge selection of movies students can check out for free.

But remember, many of the students in Pickler after 10 p.m. are studying, so be respectful and quiet.


5. Bars


For students 21 and older, going out to Kirksville’s many bars is a main late-night attraction. From The Dukum Inn’sSecond Best Cheeseburger in Town” to Wrongdaddy’s Thirsty Thursdays, there are many options to choose from. Many of these bars often have local bands and other events on weekend nights. This late-night option is perfect for students who want to hang out with friends, shoot pool and dance the night away.

Most of these bars only charge a few dollars as cover and are open very late into the evening, making them a great option for students of legal drinking age. And as with any late night outing, make sure to keep your evenings responsible and safe.


6. Hookah Bars

But Kirksville also has a few other bars in town — hookah bars. Both The Djinn and The Boar’s Head are open until 2 a.m. and offer specials throughout the week. And with the recent smoking ban on campus, they likely will become even more popular this year.


7. Camping at Thousand Hills State Park

Although Thousand Hills may close at 10 p.m. regularly, if you are camping or staying in a cabin, you’re allowed to be in the park after hours. This opens up so many possibilities for roasting marshmallows over bonfires, stargazing and bonding with friends. It’s also a great way to relieve stress from school and connect with nature.

Make sure you or someone in your group knows how to pitch a tent and start a fire before you get there, and prepare for cold nights with extra blankets and sweatshirts.

Interested in stargazing but don’t like to camp? Check out the Stargazers Club’s open house nights at the Observatory out at the University Farm.


8. Pancake City (and other restaurants)

DSC_0100A Kirksville tradition since 1983, Pancake City is one of the few late-night restaurants. Though it used to be open 24/7, it recently changed its hours and now only is open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays. Still, for students craving breakfast food at 3 a.m. during the weekend, Pancake City is your best (and only) option.

Pancake City isn’t the only late-night restaurant in Kirksville, though — Pagliai’s Pizza is open until 1 a.m. or later throughout the week, and most fast food places stay open late into the evening as well.


9. Concert or other event at The Aquadome

The Aquadome event venue has made a comeback after its building collapse and condemnation last year, and is just as quirky and entertaining as ever. With everything from concerts with local bands to art galleries to poetry slams, The Aquadome has something for everyone. Check out The Aquadome’s Facebook page for up-to-date events.


10. Leisure World Lanes

Flaunt your rental shoe fashion and knock out a few spares well after 10 p.m. at Leisure World. With lanes open until midnight on Friday and Saturday, the bowling alley can entertain large groups of people or just a couple on a date. Cosmic bowling starts at 8 p.m. and can be a great late-night entertainment option. Make sure you go with someone who has transportation, and aim for Friday night’s $5 bowling special.

Have another late-night hangout? Let us know your favorite place to be in Kirksville after 10 p.m. in the comments.

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