Cross Country Dominates

[easingsliderpro id=”10″]Truman State’s Women’s and Men’s Cross Country dominated Saturday at the
Haskell Invitational in Lawrence, Kansas, both taking first place.

Head coach Tim Schwegler says although this meet posed a break from the tough
meets the team has been at this year, he was happy with the success the men and women
experienced at Haskell. On the women’s side, he says the past two meets were very tough
and on the men’s side, he says the past three meets were very tough.

“I like the course, and wanted a change of pace after Griak,” Schwegler says.

He says he wasn’t surprised at all with the women’s performance because of their
previous success this season.

The women secured the top three spots with sophomore Laura Tarantino at 18:57,
senior Emma Trenhaile at 19:17 and freshman Jesse Dinkins at 19:26. As a whole, the
team won the race with a total of 23 points, just eight shy of a perfect score.

The 1-5 spread was 39 seconds, with the 2-4 spread spanning only nine seconds.
Tarantino led with a pack that spanned from Trenhaile back to junior Lindsey Egan at
19:55, who came in seventh on the team.

“They just do what they do,” Schwegler says. “They race really hard.”

On the men’s side, he says the team really came together for this race. Since it
was their second 8K of the season, he says improved performances are typical. Schwegler
also says the team got really pumped for the race and course.

The men took first and second place by way of senior Brad Hart at 25:53 and
freshman Jordan Wheeler at 26:20. They also won the meet with 45 points. Although
their 1-5 spread was much bigger, 3 minutes, they still raced hard.

“It was the best technical and tactical race of the season,” Schwegler says.
Although the competition isn’t as tough at this meet, Schwegler says Haskell has
other things to offer. It is located in eastern Kansas, offering families living in Nebraska,
Kansas and western Missouri an opportunity to watch their athletes run.

He says the meet has cultural significance. Haskell is a Native American school
funded by the federal government, Schwegler says. The medals are hand-painted by
Navajo student artists.

Dinkins says one of the reasons she loved the meet was the hand-made medals
each athlete received. The medals added to a “unique cross country atmosphere” at the
meet, she says.

As far as the teams’ performance, she says, “As a team, we completely dominated
… It was muddy so it felt like a real cross country course.”