Sarah Muir, Columnist

Not Every Issue Involves Politics

February 22, 2015

For a political science major, I have an unusually low tolerance for political things. Don’t ask me to comment about the latest political controversy because my answer likely will be, “I don’t care.” While this […]


Ultimate Teams “Chase Plastic”

February 17, 2015

With the arrival of spring, birds and kites can be seen flying through the air. This season, however, those enjoying the season might also glimpse several frisbees flying through the sky as well. While the […]

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Holiday giving is easy

December 4, 2014

Finances can be tough for college students. Between rent, books and groceries, it can seem like the bank is always empty. However, spare pizza money or extra change left behind in pockets can go a […]

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Try giving feminism a chance

November 20, 2014

For much of my life I was raised by a single mother and lived with four sisters. It was definitely an interesting childhood, which I was reminded of the other day when I was watching […]