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New Sorority to Come to Campus

October 26, 2014 and

Truman State has begun the process to bring a new Panhellenic sorority to campus. Upon selection, Truman will make a place for the new organization on campus. An extension committee has already been formed and […]

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A league of their own

February 18, 2014

League of Legends, one of the fastest growing games the gorvernment recently recognized as an official professional sport, has made its way to campus.
League of Legends is an online combat game where two teams of players go head to head, using strategy and quick wit to defeat their opponents. According to, each team is comprised of five members with an extra as a substitution.
The League of Legends group on campus, while not officially recognized by the Center for Student Involvement, currently is hosting a tournament, the Truman Championship Series, where members of the group have been drafted into nine teams that compete during weekends. […]