Swim supports Orange Bead

January 30, 2016

During recent weeks, the Truman State swimming program has taken steps to raise awareness of mental illness. The Bulldog swimmers joined the Orange Bead Collective, a group that strives to raise awareness about mental health and support those who have […]

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Truman students cope with loss

October 23, 2014

After two student deaths throughout two weeks, Truman State’s Residence Life and Student Affairs staff are working to help students cope with the aftereffects of loss. Freshman Connor Cunningham and junior Mackenzie McDermott passed away […]


Video Games Make Art Interactive

October 19, 2014

Video games are often criticized for being violent, mindless and a waste of time. However, many developers are trying to change that perception. Many modern video games are more than just games — they are […]

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Arts around campus: Q&A with senior Em Bledsoe

September 25, 2014

The biannual theatre department-sponsored lab shows are productions directed and designed entirely by students. The opportunities for creative freedom led senior Em Bledsoe, director of the fall lab show, to reconsider traditional theatrical motifs in […]

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Tips for dealing with stress

April 24, 2014

“Next to Normal” is a musical that examines mental illness and the pressure it can put on a family and their friends. The play combines humorous songs with serious dialogue to give the audience an emotional roller-coaster-ride throughout the play.
On the night of April 9, I enjoyed “Next To Normal,” put on by the Truman State theatre department, and while it was an enjoyable play, it brought attention to the topic of mental health. I’ll leave the official review of this play to my coworkers, but I want to bring awareness to mental health here at Truman. I want to look at the general sadness that is normal and encountered by many people. I will not offer advice for those that suffer from more severe mental disorders, for I am unqualified. […]

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Spring clean your mind

April 10, 2014

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to only mean scrubbing your floors or throwing away months of pizza boxes. Do some mental spring cleaning and prepare your mind for the end of the school year.