From the Desk of the Editor

April 23, 2016 Austin Hornbostel

It took me a whopping three days to complete my application process for the Index when I attended Truman Week almost three years ago. I wasn’t nearly as excited about the festivities of Truman Week itself — I’ll […]


Our View: Down-Ballot Voting

February 27, 2016 Grace Bueckendorf

The presidential elections are always intense affairs, with candidates from the Democratic and Republican parties making grand promises to the American people in an effort to gain votes. The presidential primaries already have begun, with […]


Our View: Take a stand for diversity on campus

November 13, 2015 Taylor Lay

Jonathan Butler decided to stop eating Nov. 2. Butler, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, made his decision after Mizzou President Tim Wolfe declined to respond to “several instances of racism and discrimination […]