Taking the reins at regionals

March 17, 2016

For Truman State’s equestrian team, Midterm Break consisted of riding in two competitions, bringing home some top finishes and, for some, advancing to the next level of competition. The first weekend of break, the team […]

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Casual prejudices can lead to horrors

February 26, 2015

I overheard a discussion among a group of students about the economic cost of our society supporting people with disabilities. I was disturbed to hear them arguing the costs of supporting such people are too […]


Business Combines Art and Wine

November 23, 2014

During a typical Thursday evening, Jackson Stables is open to anyone who wants to drink West Winery wine and occasionally listen to live music, but once per month the wooden chairs are filled with people […]

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Church undergoes many changes but remains intact

September 19, 2014

For 100 years, the Bethel Community Church has been a fixture in Kirksville.

The church formally celebrated its centennial anniversary Sept. 7, with two special services and a lunch for church members.

During the past century, the church has had a rich history, said Rev. Marvin Cross. During World War I, he said a ladies aid group met at the church to sew quilts and other items for the Red Cross. The church has a tradition of supporting the troops, and church members sent goods to American soldiers during the Iraq War, Cross said.

“This church has been here for so long and touched so many people’s lives,” Cross said. “It’s a great testimony to think of this church continuing on for so many years.”

For church member Dave Clark, Bethel has been a part of his life for nearly 75 years. He said his grandparents were founding members of Bethel. […]

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Take a walk and relax

August 17, 2014

As I understand it, the fun and the challenge of college is figuring things out for oneself, making it strange that I now am giving the class of 2018 the shortlist of my favorite walks in Kirksville. Consider it a tiny head-start rather than a cheat-sheet. If you need some quiet and fresh air during your time at Truman State, consider these trustworthy routes.

Big Creek Conservation Area

A short drive down Boundary Road from the University Farm, Big Creek is a restored oak-savanna habitat. Before modern agriculture, this county was a transition between the prairies of the west and the oak-hickory forests of the east. Big Creek is a decent approximation of what this county might have looked like before European settlers. With broad trails, steep hills with scenic outlooks and an open canopy that prevents you from getting lost, this park is ideal if you have a free morning or afternoon and want some fresh air. This is one place I will be conducting morning bird surveys for a research project this fall. […]