Opinions Podcast #1

February 25, 2015

  The TMN Opinions Podcast features a discussion of recent commentary by TMN writers, hosted by Index columnist senior Conor Gearin. This week’s program covers topics ranging from the many benefits of knitting to which […]

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Knitting can help with relaxation

February 12, 2015

Last weekend, I spent the better part of two completely sober hours staring intently at a white turtleneck sweater. Okay, it was off-white, with a few coffee stains on the front. And it probably was […]


Sustainable Living Community Finding Its Footing in La Plata

November 6, 2014 and

The Catholic Worker movement was founded in New York City during 1933 by Dorothy Day. It is a network of about 240 houses and farms across the United States dedicated to serving those in need. The movement is interfaith and ecumenical, Bambrick-Rust says, and seeks to emulate the life of Jesus Christ through a life of poverty, service to others, and a challenging of the dominant religious and political authorities.
The White Rose branch of the Catholic Worker movement began in Chicago during 2009 while Bambrick-Rust was pursuing his masters degree in Ministry at Loyola University.
After hearing about and becoming intrigued by the idea of a land and craft-based society, Bambrick-Rust started a garden in his Chicago neighborhood.
Along with two partners, Jerica Arents and Jake Ozlen, Bambrick-Rust’s operation expanded to a farm south of Chicago, according to Marquette University’s alumni magazine.
Bambrick-Rust and his wife Regina later were invited by the Possibility Alliance to move a branch of the White Rose to La Plata.
“We certainly did not imagine that would lead us to be living without electricity in rural Missouri,” Bambrick-Rust says.
Bambrick-Rust, his wife and their infant daughter, Johanna, live on the land semi-permanently, either in camping tents or, when the weather gets cold, in the workshop. […]

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Let’s talk about socks

October 1, 2014

No, that’s not a typo in the headline. Yes, this is a column about socks. Wait, just hear me out! You might think to yourself, “A sock is a sock, what’s there to talk about?” […]