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Delivery offers alternative to on campus dining

September 4, 2014

If you live on campus, you soon will learn the dining halls don’t serve dinner on Sunday nights, leaving you with limited options.
The first is eating at the Student Union Building. However, eating at the SUB generally guzzles more than just one meal block, leaving you hungry at the end of the semester. Your second option is going out to eat. However, getting hot, fresh food delivered right to your doorstep is much easier than getting dressed in your Sunday best to go out. Your second option is going out to eat. For those of you who live off campus and already know the struggle of stocking your own pantry, ordering in offers a healthy alternative to the Pop-Tarts and potato chips that surely stock your pantry right now. All that leaves delivery as the most viable option for Sunday night dinners. Here is a basic list of delivery restaurants in Kirksville for when Sunday rolls around.
La Pachanga: Although La Pa is a little more pricey than other options, it is one of the few destination restaurants in Kirksville that actually delivers. They have an excellent vegetarian selection, as well as many different combinations of fajitas, quesadillas and burritos for everyone to enjoy. Personally, the spinach quesadilla holds a special place in my heart. Regardless of whether you are inviting friends to your room for a movie night, throwing a party or just perusing Facebook alone, La Pa is sure to please.
Papa John’s: It’s no secret that an overwhelming number of Truman students stem from the great city of St. Louis. But all students can cash in on Papa Johns’ St. Louis Blues deal. The day after the St. Louis Blues score three or more goals, Papa John’s offers 50 percent off all online orders with the promotion code BLUES3. Pizza, already a classic, becomes that much more tempting when it’s being sold half price.
Jimmy John’s: Their main draw is speed. While the other options take longer to deliver, Jimmy John’s really does deliver their subs so fast, you’ll freak. I don’t personally find their subs remarkable or special, but they are good when time is a major concern. They also offer online ordering, making your Sunday meal that much easier.
Great Wall: Chinese food, always a delivery classic, is a perfectly viable option for your Sunday dinner. Great Wall offers a nice variety from egg drop soup to spring rolls, so everyone has something to choose from. There’s nothing better than learning your fortune from a cookie.
There are certainly countless other options at your fingertips that I simply didn’t have space to mention here. Other delivery joints that deserve mention include Domino’s, Steve’s Garden Deli, Pagliai’s, The Greek Corner Gyros, China Palace and Bellacino’s. […]