Students Seek to Help Homeless

November 18, 2014

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Five Truman students and alumni recognized a need for a homeless shelter in the Kirksville community and are working to start a nonprofit shelter. As part of their efforts, the group has started collecting warm clothes […]


Sustainable Living Community Finding Its Footing in La Plata

November 6, 2014 and

The Catholic Worker movement was founded in New York City during 1933 by Dorothy Day. It is a network of about 240 houses and farms across the United States dedicated to serving those in need. The movement is interfaith and ecumenical, Bambrick-Rust says, and seeks to emulate the life of Jesus Christ through a life of poverty, service to others, and a challenging of the dominant religious and political authorities.
The White Rose branch of the Catholic Worker movement began in Chicago during 2009 while Bambrick-Rust was pursuing his masters degree in Ministry at Loyola University.
After hearing about and becoming intrigued by the idea of a land and craft-based society, Bambrick-Rust started a garden in his Chicago neighborhood.
Along with two partners, Jerica Arents and Jake Ozlen, Bambrick-Rust’s operation expanded to a farm south of Chicago, according to Marquette University’s alumni magazine.
Bambrick-Rust and his wife Regina later were invited by the Possibility Alliance to move a branch of the White Rose to La Plata.
“We certainly did not imagine that would lead us to be living without electricity in rural Missouri,” Bambrick-Rust says.
Bambrick-Rust, his wife and their infant daughter, Johanna, live on the land semi-permanently, either in camping tents or, when the weather gets cold, in the workshop. […]


Kirksville Dog Park Opens

September 17, 2014

McKinney Bark Park, a new dog park, opened Sept. 6 in Kirksville. McKinney Park’s opening ceremony drew a crowd, some of which were representatives for Protect Our Pets, Field of Dreams Animal Shelter and the […]

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Greek Week raises $16,000 for charity

April 17, 2014

This year’s Greek Week events raised $15,835 which has been divided among several student scholarships and the nonprofit United Way and Victim Support Services in Kirksville.
Greek Week Coordinator Rachelle Williams said this was the most money Truman State’s Greek Week program raised during any single year. […]

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Paying it forward is as easy as a drive-through

March 6, 2014

“There is no wrong way to perform an act of kindness.”
Author Catherine Ryan Hyde’s book “Pay It Forward” ignited a spark during 1991 that continues to fire up people around the world. A worldwide movement started during 2007 by Australian Blake Beattie promotes one day a year during which everyone “pays it forward,” according to Sixty-five countries publically participated in the Pay It Forward Day during 2013. This year, the international date set by this foundation is April 24. […]

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Our View: Support ban of dog discrimination

February 18, 2014

Missouri legislators and representatives from animal shelters throughout the state are speaking out in support of a Missouri House bill that would prohibit cities from banning ownership of specific dog breeds. We support this “Dog Anti-Discrimination Act,” and commend Rep. Ron Hicks (R-107) for sponsoring the bill.
Ordinances that target specific dog breeds are misleading and vague. As Hicks said, “Any dog can bite.” A dog’s tendency to bite is based as much, if not more, upon its environment as its breed. Dogs such as pit bulls, which currently are banned in the city of Kirksville, are unfairly labeled as “dangerous,” when they often are as docile as any other household pet. […]


Kirksville bomb shelters rediscovered

Indicators of Truman State’s history and involvement with political and military scares of the 1950s exist below the surface of its campus.

Numerous underground spaces beneath Truman’s campus once were home to fallout shelters. In the 1960s, fear of nuclear attack from the Soviet Union led to the creation of fallout shelters across the country. […]