Congratulations to the winners of the Summer 2016 Photo Contest: Hidden Beauty! All winners will be featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Detours Magazine, set to release Monday, April 18. We were proud to receive such wonderful submissions, and stay tuned for our announcement of the theme of our next photo contest for the Winter 2016 issue!

First Place Winner

“Desert Beauty” by Hailey Koob, taken at the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

“I have loved photography since I was very little and have always appreciated the meaning behind photographs. It’s amazing how much can be learned from a single picture, whether it is something simple or as complex as you can imagine. Being a creator of an image makes me feel like a true artist. The image that I chose to submit was taken on a family vacation in Arizona and the serene atmosphere was one that had to be captured. The desert is known as hot and dry, but on a hike to Havasupai Falls, one can see its true colors.”

Desert Beauty_Koob._14JPG new

Second Place Winner

“America’s Heartland” by Michael Hinton, taken in Ellsworth, Kansas.

America's Heartland_Hinton_3

Third Place Winner

“Hidden Restaurant” by Anh Tran, taken in New York City.

“This Freemans Restaurant is located secretly in a valley right in the middle of New York City. Even Google Map missed locating it sometimes. If you are looking for a hidden-away spot, this is definitely your place.”

Hidden Restaurant_tran_19

Fourth Place Winner

“Attentions Seeker” by Rahil Gomes, taken in Sri Lanka.attention seeker_gomes_4 new

“This was an elephant at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. It was a pregnant elephant that was hanging around by itself near a stand where people were able to feed it fruit. It had grown accustomed to being petted and being fed fruit continuously so as I got near it, it stretched out its trunk and wanted me to feed it and waited impatiently until I did. I love to travel a lot and capturing specific moments and beautiful scenery is something I cannot resist doing. I enjoy sharing my travels and experiences and hope to bring more attention to the environments I go to and create the lust for adventure through my photography.”

Fifth Place Winner

“Iridescent Sunset” by Joshua Williams, taken in New Port Richey, Florida

“After a few hours traveling from the heart of the US, I made it to southwest Florida just in time for sunset. The sun faded fast and I was unsure if I could get a shot of its beautiful attributes. I quickly sent my drone flying just around the bend in the harbor to snap away at the hidden beauty.”

"Iridescent Sunset" by Joshua Williams, taken in New Port Richey, Florida

Facebook Fan Favorite Winner:

“The Waterfall” by Campbell Drake, taken in Igazu Falls, Argentina

"The Waterfall" by Campbell Drake, taken in Igazu Falls, Argentina