Congratulations to the winners of our Summer 2017 photo contest, and a thank you to all who entered! We received impressive submissions for “Bold and Bright” this year and can’t wait to publish the winners in our upcoming Summer 2017 issue of Detours Magazine, coming out this April.

First Place

“Blue Boat”

Taken in Chuit, Chile

“[This] particular [picture was] taken while I was visiting the island of Chuit, which is a very small island within the Chiloé archipelago. The island is home to only 120 people and we were the first non-Chilean visitors to ever go to the island, which was an extraordinary feeling.”

By Rachel Garozzo

Second Place

“Playing with Fire”

Taken in Kirksville, Missouri

“This photo was created by lighting steel wool on fire and spinning it around in a whisk. As an growing photographer, I am always looking for new ideas to make my portfolio stand out, and I happened upon steel wool spinning photos as I browsed Instagram one day. I loved the look and took up the challenge to try it out in an abandoned street next to my house. I love capturing images most people have not seen before, and this is why “Playing with Fire” is a current favorite in my portfolio.”

By Sarah Hicks

Third Place

“Soul Searching”

Taken in Foristell MO

“The park this photo was taken in is a favorite of mine. I have shot countless of photos in Towne Park because of how beautiful it is. When I was out on this particular shoot, I was taking couple photos for a friend and I was in love with her dress and the golden field she was standing in. This photo was completely candid, but it has become one of my favorite photos ever taken. This photo is called ‘Soul Searching’ because I always seem take photos in Towne Park that unintentionally display a part of my imagination.”

By Sarah Hicks


Fourth Place

“Fashion Show on a Cruise”

Taken in New York City, New York

“This fashion show is super unique since it was hosted on a cruise; the runway was the upper deck of ship where you can see the skyline of Manhattan. It was my first time shooting for a fashion show. I am not a professional photographer, so it was such an honor to be invited to J Autumn Fashion Show. It was such a challenge for me since the runway is not straight, but rather a curved one. I found a perfect spot at the middle of the runway, where it starts curving. With the spectacular NYC skyline, blue clear sky, the model with a long, layered, fluffy dress appears to be an angle wandering around. I was lucky to capture this moment!”

By Anh Tran

Fifth Place

“Quebec Coast” 

Taken in Quebec City, Canada.

“My mom, sister and I drove up the coast in Quebec and enjoyed the beautiful landscapes Canada has to offer.”

By Damian Soane