Congratulations to the winners of our Double Take Photo Contest! We received impressive submissions this year. Make sure to stay tuned for our next photo contest, and you could see your images here next!

Fifth Place: Grant Wilhelm

Location: Sevilla, España

From the Photographer: “I was fortunate enough to go to one of the top bull fights in all of Spain. While the fighting was extremely gruesome and cruel, I enjoyed seeing a key activity in the historic culture of Spain.”

Fourth Place: Peter Baechle

Title: “Reserved Parking”  

From the Photographer: “A custom classic car on exhibit (by an appropriate sign) at the 2017 Chesterfield Community Church Car Show in Chesterfield, Missouri.”

Third Place: Emily Spear

Location: The Papermoon Diner, Baltimore, MD

From the Photographer: “The Papermoon Diner is known for its quirky decor. The yard attached to the diner is filled with some wild mannequins!”

Second Place: Sarah Hicks

Title: Mirror Lake

Location: Thousand Hills State ParkFirst Place: Grant Wilhelm

Location: Austrian Central Alps

From the Photographer: “While hiking on a rainy Austrian day around a lake in the mountains, I noticed some amazing bright red moss growing on the side of the trail. As I looked closer I found these fascinating raindrops suspended in a shiny spider web.”