Staff Lists

TMN Media Managers:
Digital Director: Danielle Waldron
TMN Television: Dan Stewart
Index: Emily Battmer
KTRM: Geoffrey Woehlk
Detours Magazine: Elizabeth McBride
Advertising Manager: Adam Antor

Digital Team Executive Board:
Digital Director: Danielle Waldron
Digital Coordinator/Digital Coach: Kate Linman
Creative Directors: Carly Robison and Henry Smith
Social Media Manager: Taylor Thompson

TMN Television Executive Board:
Executive Producer: Dan Stewart
Producer: Jackie Yoo
External Productions: Ian Reed
Sports Manager: David Lemon
News Director/Social Media Manager: Ingrid Roettgen

Index Executive Board:
Editor-In-Chief: Emily Battmer
Managing Editor: Bob Overmann
News Editor: John Brooks
Features Editor/Photo Editor: Anna Grace
Opinions Editor: Adam Rollins
Sports Editor: Jonathan Rembold
Copy Chiefs: Emily Brennan and Andrea Trierweiler
Design Chief: Carly Robison
Multimedia Editor: Henry Smith
Business Manager: Ashley Thomas
Advertising Manager: Adam Antor

KTRM Executive Board:
Station Manager: Geoffrey Woehlk
Assistant Station Manager: Rebecca Smith
Chief Announcer: Grace Salerno
Program Director: Mitch Etter
Promotions Director: Sierra Horton
Continuity Director: Jared Heern
News Director: Danielle Waldron
Sports Director: Sam Sherman
Production Director: Kelly Cunningham

Detours Executive Board:
Editor-in-Chief: Elizabeth McBride
Executive Editor: Melissa Bradford
Web Manager: Emily Wichmer
Digital Editor: Carly Robison
Art Director: Becca Reitz
Publicity Manager: Gennie Avellino

Faculty Advisors:
Marilyn Yaquinto
Mark Smith
Don Krause