TMN Media Managers

TMN Digital: Benjamin Cook –

TMN Television: Erika Miller  –

Index: Austin Hornbostel –

KTRM: Suzie Nahach –

Detours Magazine: Mary Tomlinson –

TMN Executive Board

Managing Editor: Johanna Burns

News Editor (Text): Rachel Fechter

Lifestyle Editors (Text): Austin Hornbostel

Lifestyle Editor (Multimedia): Brently Snead

Sports Editor (Text): Rachel Steinhoff

Sports Editor (Multimedia): Seth Wolfmeyer

Opinions Editor: Will Chaney

Copy Chief: Megan Robison

Assistant Copy Chief: Molly Thal

Design Chief: Samantha Nielsen

Cartoonists: Annie Kintree, August Davis, Brittany Schenk

Copy Editors: Julianna Foster, Megan Gibbons, Trevor Hamblin, Katie Puryear, Ian Madden, Bethany Spitzmiller, MacKenna Palazza, Sarah deVeer

Designers: Clarissa Todd, Lawrence Hu, Mariah Radle, Emily Mollet

Photo Editor: Damian Soane

Photographers: Athena Geldbach, Austin Dellamano, Hanna Conner, Hudson Taylor

Distribution Manager: Kain Kneib

Distribution Representatives: Jessica Rose, Taylor Libbert  

KTRM Executive Board:

Station Manager: Suzie Nahach

Assistant Station Manager: Chris Burk

Chief Announcer: Caroline Pugh

Programming Director: Emily Schnaare

Promotions Director: Josh Malmstrom

Assistant Promotions Director: Matt Ragsdale

Chief News Announcer: Gail Hulser

Chief Sports Announcer: Aaliyah Butler

Production Director: Jared Rahe

Detours Executive Board:

Editor-in-Chief: Mary Tomlinson

Executive Editor: Alyssa Johnson

Art Director: Rose Linhares

Publicity Manager: Julie Stazko

Social Media Manager: Rachel Hanna

Faculty Advisors:

Detours: Marilyn Yaquinto

KTRM: Mark Smith

Index: Don Krause

TMN TV: David Price

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