Our View: Don’t allow Truman to be high school 2.0

December 10, 2018

Think about the classes you took in high school. If your high school was like the standard American high school, your classes only surveyed a topic’s surface and had names like “Biology 1,” “U.S. History” or “English A.” Your curriculum probably did not feature specialized study opportunities like SOAN 452: Social Dimensions of Health and Illness or PSYC 430: Psychopharmacology: Drugs and Behavior, two actual classes offered at Truman State University next semester. While high schools provide foundational knowledge, colleges are supposed to provide a more specialized education, which translates to a greater wealth of intelligence and greater self-marketability upon graduation. […]


Our View: University should rethink Greenwood

November 6, 2018

Truman State University’s Board of Governors recently approved plans to hire engineers to assess replacing the Greenwood building’s windows. After the assessment, the University will move forward to spend half a million dollars from the state to replace half of the building’s windows. […]