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“Climax” is why I don’t party

August 14, 2019

TMN film critic gives “Climax” 4/5 See-No-Evil monkey emojis Hello, welcome back to Truman. Hope you watched lots of movies this summer — I certainly did.  “The Last Black Man in San Francisco,” “Midsommar,” “Wild […]

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“Unicorn Store” is whimsical fun

April 19, 2019

TMN film critic Gordon McPherson gives “Unicorn Store” 3.5/5 vacuums.  Brie Larson’s quirky directorial debut “Unicorn Store” is entertaining, albeit decently cringeworthy. The film centers around Kit, played by Larson, a glitter-obsessed art school dropout […]

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“Cold War” is an artful love story

April 12, 2019

TMN film critic Gordon McPherson gives “Cold War” four out of five hammers and sickles. Spring is finally here. Hallelujah. There hasn’t been a better time to watch “Cold War,” a grim Polish love story […]

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Movie Review: Aquaman

January 19, 2019

Rating: 3 out of 5 seahorses Director James Wan’s “Aquaman” is a ridiculous film that likely killed many of my brain cells, but I enjoyed its sensory overload nevertheless. This DC Comics film centers around […]


“The Passage” tells a story of cultural acceptance in America today

November 15, 2018

Without giving too much away, “The Passage” centers around a clumsy, disoriented, burrito-loving man named Phil, played by Philip Burgers, who doesn’t utter a word the entire film. On the run from two plump pursuers, Phil stumbles across a variety of multicultural situations — from a Spanish church service to a Haitian family household — and forges connections despite his, and viewers’, utter confusion. No explanations, subtitles or compromises. All immersive, humane, surreal entertainment that viewers will either enjoy or completely detest. […]