Letter to the Editor: Index informs Truman community

This Letter to the Editor was submitted by junior Emily Priesendorf.

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to take this time in writing this to express my deepest regards to the Index for all of the excellent work that has been done, especially in the past couple of months.

As a Truman student, the Index has greatly benefited me in a variety of ways. First, the news stories have greatly helped me stay up to date with current events that are happening around campus as well as around the Kirksville community. Print and media publications from the Truman Media Network not only help keep me informed, but they also help me to see all of the wonderful things that Truman students are doing across campus. This alone helps build Truman’s community in that it encourages other students to get involved and find ways to become integrated into the Truman family.

Second, in light of the many controversies that can emerge around a college campus, rumors can quickly get out of control. However, myself and many other students have quickly grown to wholeheartedly trust that the Index will always provide with timely and accurate information that puts the rumors to rest.

Third, the editorials have helped me to see other students’ perspectives on “hot topics” going on around Truman’s campus and in the community. This is also something that I feel that many students have also greatly benefited from. By reading other people’s perspectives, it creates a mutual understanding between students, faculty, and staff which can later open doors for a healthy dialogue to take place. This is extremely crucial for Truman to be able to understand and appreciate one another’s perspectives in order to create solutions to the problems facing our university.  

Finally, the purpose of this letter is to tell the Index know that your efforts do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. Your work is vital to the Truman community.


Emily Priesendorf