StuGov Buzz: Semester recap and future plans

Hello Bulldogs! Student Government hopes that you have all had another great semester here at the lovely Truman State University. All the snow sure puts us in a festive spirit! You can never have too much of a good thing but we are very excited for winter break. Being able to see our families again, some time off for festivities or just some time off is always appreciated, and then coming back to Truman is something to look forward to as well!

We will have nearly a full month off for winter break. The last day of finals is December fourteenth, though many of you will probably be done long before then! We come back on January fourteenth and get right back into everything. Time sure does fly when you are having fun!

There are some things Student Government have done this semester that you may or may not know about. Elections were a resounding success with a competitive election and tons of new and old students stepping up to serve their fellow students. TEDx had its first ever conference at Truman this semester, it was a resounding success. We are looking forward to bringing it back sometime in the near future as well if you missed it or would like to be one of the speakers at it next time! Student Government is committed to community service and has also participated in a street clean up in the Kirksville community this semester. We have worked on representing the students with the new curriculum changes coming up now and in the next couple years! This is just a brief recap of some of the things that Student Government has done, there is always more to be done and more that has been done. If you would like to speak to a member of Student Government then you can find us at our office on the bottom floor of the SUB right next to SAB and the University Bookstore or we have weekly meetings on the third floor of the SUB on Sundays at 5pm (this coming Sunday at 2 due to finals) where anyone is welcome to come.

Next semester, Student Government has several more projects to tackle. If you or anyone you know has concerns or ideas you are always welcome to bring them forth to us for help and advice- we are your representatives to the faculty! The symposium is being developed and Student Government is actively working to represent the students within the program. We would love any feedback if you would like to come talk to us. A student-wide survey should be sent out in these final weeks and be open into the beginning of next semester. This constitutes an easy way for students to give some feedback about a multitude of things around campus. Also, coming about next semester is the Academic Accolades, the Shining Star Award, Student Appreciation Week, Purple Pride Week, and a number of other things going on! It is going to be a busy semester!

Student Government wishes everyone a fun and safe winter break! We are excited to see everyone back next semester ready to continue learning!