“The Buzz” app combines TMN and USA Today

app2USA Today released a new app, called “The Buzz: Truman State University,” Aug. 25. The free app combines coverage of national and world news, along with the latest coverage from the Truman Media Network. This app is a crucial step forward in presenting news in an attractive format for collegiate consumers and we, the Index Editorial Board, are excited for the possibilities it will bring.

First, and definitely foremost, is the opportunity for increased readership the app presents. Although all the content from the Index and TMN is combined on TMN’s website, The Buzz offers another way for students to access our content.

The Buzz also is an important move toward the format consumers prefer for getting their news. Fifty-six percent of respondents to a national poll reported that they used their cell phones to access news, a number which likely has grown even more since those survey results were released, according to a 2014 survey from the American press institute. An app provides a quick and concise way for people to access local and national news. As consumers become more invested in social media and continue to use their cell phones for news updates, an app becomes a more viable option in a climate where available time to read the news is at a premium.

We, the Index Editorial Board, hope this new app will be used by students and alumni alike, not only to read the content we at TMN work hard to produce, but also to remain well-informed about what is happening at national and international levels. A healthy democracy is only as good as the sum of its parts, and an informed citizenry is an important step toward creating one.