Student Activities Board prepares for Josh Peck appearance

Actor and social media influencer Josh Peck will be hosted by Truman State University’s Student Activities Board on Friday, Jan. 25. The event has garnered wide support from the actor’s fandom across campus, but the process behind acquiring such a well-known figure was meticulous. 

Because SAB events exceeding a $20,000 budget threshold require indication of approval from a representative student sample, multiple forms of research were implemented prior to the announcement. 

“We did a couple different methods of surveying the student body to see what students would like based on what fits in our price range,” Maria Zak, senior event coordinator explained. “Based on that, we take all the student data into account, present the student data to the board and then students on SAB make decisions based on our finances.”

Junior Event Supervisor Madeline Hinsley further described the collection of student data by stating that there was both an Instagram quick response survey as well as a more extensive survey for students to voice what they wanted to see. 

Zak and Hinsley said that this system of student input is fairly standard for obtaining higher profile stars. In addition to student interest, however, coordinators must also attract the eagerness of the personality themselves — which in Kirksville, they admit, can be a difficult feat. That is where agents, and an open-minded celebrity, come into play. 

“We do our own groundwork,” Zak said. “We work on what we’d like to see on campus, because we’re students, too, and then we talk to our agents on what would be feasible. In the case of Josh Peck, he’s very enthusiastic to go to college campuses. He’s also getting compensated, so that helps too.”

The event will feature Peck’s endeavors and successes through discussion with both a host and members of the audience. Though there will be no photo or video allowed at the venue, students will have the opportunity to speak with Peck directly. 

“We obviously don’t know everything until he gets here and it happens, but it’ll be a moderated question and answer session,” Zak elaborated. “So it’ll be a back and forth for about 45 minutes, and then we’re gonna introduce student questions after for him to answer.” 

Tickets are free and going fast, but will be available for general admission if not already sold out. Tickets can be obtained in the Student Union Down Under through Thursday and the event is at 7 p.m. in Baldwin Hall Auditorium.