Top 5 places to study

  1. Second and third floors of Magruder Hall: Magruder Hall is one of the most underrated buildings on campus. I love studying there because there are huge windows on the second floor that allow for some warmth in the cold winters, and being around all of the labs inspires me to do more than scroll on TikTok and pretend to study. On the third floor are corners of the building with a few seats surrounded by all types of plants. It sets a chill study vibe and makes it easy to crank out a day’s worth of work while forgetting it is the middle of winter. 


  1. Second floor of Pickler Memorial Library: I hear a lot of hype about the library’s first floor because there are big study spaces to do group work, but my favorite spots are the gray desks by the huge windows on the second floor. I like to grab a drink from Starbucks and head up the spiral staircase to settle down and study for a while. When I need a break, I look out the window to see what’s happening on campus, or I go down to get a refill on my drink and a yummy snack. 


  1. Third floor of Baldwin Hall: It took me two years to come across these study rooms, but now they’re my new favorite when I have to do group projects. There are spinny chairs, a big screen to project work onto and a wall of whiteboards to brainstorm ideas. Big sliding glass doors separate each room, so you can make more noise in there than you can in the library group spaces, which is always a plus. 


  1. The Quad: Although winter seems to last most of the year in Kirksville, some nice days are scattered throughout the spring semester. I try to take advantage of the nice weather and head to the Quad to get my work done along with my daily dose of vitamin D. It’s easier to stay home and do work there, but we have worked so hard this year and deserve to enjoy the nice weather, even if we do have to study in it. 


  1. Scooter’s Coffee: If you’re looking to get off campus and study somewhere other than your dorm or apartment, Scooter’s is the perfect place. I have specific Spotify playlists dedicated to coffeehouses in my hometown, so I applied those to Kirksville, which was unmatched. Bring some money and a laptop charger because it’s easy to spend hours studying away here.