University Swingers take second

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The Truman State University Swingers took second place April 2 at the Heartland Swing Festival in Iowa.

The Swingers competed against teams from across the Midwest at the event, which also offered classes on various types of dances.

Choreographer senior Shanon Barton said the University Swingers always are looking to learn more about swing dancing so they can teach it to others and spread their love of this dance style. She said they do so by attending workshops and having weekly Wednesday and Sunday practices.

Although swing dance has historical roots, Barton said the Swingers find ways to make it modern. For example, she said the group’s performance for the competition featured traditional 1930s steps and Beyoncé moves.

Having fast-paced songs with different dynamics makes it easier to choreograph and more enjoyable to dance, Barton said. Additionally, she said the performance captured the audience’s attention.

Barton said most of the work the Swingers do happens during their weekly practices, but two weeks before the competition, they began to practice everyday for two hours. She said outside of practice, many partners will practice together, and also exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

Senior Christina Scocchera, Swingers vice president, said she has been a part of the team for three years and competed against some of the same teams during past swing festivals. Scocchera said teams that had previously beaten Truman placed below the Swingers at the Heartland Festival this year.

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