Sigma Kappa launches Ultraviolet campaign to raise money for philanthropic services

Sigma Kappa seniors were given special recognition at the Ultraviolet Starry Night dinner. Senior Claire Wright gave a speech about her experience in Sigma Kappa.

During the past year, Truman State’s Delta Theta chapter of Sigma Kappa has participated in a national campaign that benefits university chapters across the country, and provides support for their philanthropies.

The Ultraviolet Campaign helps raise unrestricted dollars to help support the sorority’s main priorities. These main priorities are abbreviated P.U.L.S.E., which stands for Philanthropic Initiatives, Unrestricted Gifts, Leadership Development, Sisters in Need and Education.

“It’s new to our chapter,” says junior Maddi Hartke, Sigma Kappa webmaster. “It is a huge thing everywhere else, and it is cool that we are able to bring it to Delta Theta.”

Hartke is in charge of presenting information about the campaign to students, faculty and members of the community.

Sophomore Campbell Drake, philanthropy vice president, says that Sigma Kappa is planning a 5K run in future years to help raise money for the Ultraviolet Campaign.

This is the second UV campaign, and Drake says Sigma Kappa will try to make build upon the campaign to make a bigger and bigger impact in the coming years.