Truman students to serve homeless over break

Midterm break is upon Truman State, and as tried and true Truman tradition goes, many students will be catching flights, hopping in their cars and bumming rides with friends to popular spring break destinations.

However, a new take on the traditional spring break Truman students are starting this year is a service trip to Nashville, Tennessee, sponsored by the Truman Serve Center.

Junior Audrey Shinkle, the trip coordinator, says the group will be volunteering with Bridge Ministries and Open Table Nashville, two organizations that combat issues such as poverty, homelessness and hunger in the Nashville area. Students will engage in diverse activities from working in food pantries to helping with childcare, she says.

Shinkle says she thinks the trip attracts students who are passionate about serving others, and it is a good opportunity for students to gain real-world experience.

“I think building a service resume is one of the most important things you can do as a student,” says Shinkle. “I’ve been involved extensively in community service in Kirksville as well as in my hometown. So, I’m really excited for the opportunity to go somewhere out of my comfort zone for a week.”

The group will work first hand with homeless and needy individuals, and Shinkle says she hopes the efforts of Truman students will make a difference.

“Homelessness is something truly devastating to go through and to deal with,” Shinkle says. “If we as a group can make a difference, for even one person, then the trip will be worth it.”

For more information about the service trip to Nashville, check back with the Truman Media Network after midterm break.