City Leaders Implement Economic Changes

Local small businesses like Hidden Treasures, a consignment and resale shop on The Square, benefit Kirksville’s economy. The Downtown Revitalization Project will aim to update storefronts such as this and attract business. (Photo by Damian Soane)

The Kirksville Chamber of Commerce, along with the Tourism Office and other city departments, sponsor events each year to promote the Kirksville community.

These events provide entertainment for residents and visitors, and they help support local businesses. Sandra Williams, Executive Director of the Kirksville Chamber of Commerce, said the Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization that aims to support local businesses and promote the overall economic welfare of the city. Williams said the Chamber works with various sizes of businesses with employment ranging from one employee to almost 500 employees. Williams said one way the Chamber helps promote businesses is by providing refer-
rals. She said people can call the Chamber and explain what service they are looking for, and the Chamber can refer them to a local business that fits their needs.

Williams said the Chamber also works to provide opportunities for businesses to get their names out in the community during town events. Williams said some of the Chamber-sponsored events serve as fundraisers, while others give community members something fun to do while promoting local businesses. Williams said these events include the annual golf tournament where businesses can set up stands, a silent auction and trivia night sponsored by local businesses, and the New Student Welcome in September where local businesses welcome Truman State, A.T. Still University and Moberly Area Community College students to town.

Williams said the Chamber also networks for local businesses. Williams said this includes promoting National Small Business Week and Small Business Saturday, which falls after Black Friday.

Kirksville Tourism Director Debi Boughton said the Tourism Office organizes several events throughout the year, some of which draw people from out of town, and even out of state, to Kirksville. Boughton said the next big event will be the Art Walk, which kicks off with the Summer on The Square concert series. Boughton said this event helps promote local and regional artists and serves as something fun for the Kirksville community to do.

Boughton said the Tourism Office partners with the city to host a Fourth of July celebration including a pancake breakfast, movies, presentations and fireworks. Boughton said other annual events include a bike race, a golf tournament, a half-marathon, a tractor pull, the Scottish Highland Games and the Miss Kirksville pageant.

To read more about the economic changes city leaders are implementing, be sure to pick up a copy of the April 21 Index on newsstands now or online here.