Missouri passes Amendment 2 while blocking Amendment 3, Proposition C

Missouri voters passed Amendment 2 and blocked Amendment 3 and Proposition C, all of which concern medical marijuana legalization.

65.542 percent of Missouri voters voted in favor of Amendment 2, while 68.562 percent rejected Amendment 3 and 56.495 percent rejected Proposition C.

With 5,153 votes in favor, Adair County voters elected to pass Amendment 2 with 59.9 percent of the vote. Adair County voters rejected Amendment 3 with 6,055 votes, 71.16 percent of the vote. Similarly, voters in Adair County cast 5,191 votes, 61.45 percent of the vote, against Proposition C.

Amendments 2 and 3 would make medical marijuana legal under the Missouri Constitution, but Amendment 2 would employ a 4 percent tax on marijuana products and use the tax revenue for the Missouri Veterans Commission, while Amendment 3 would employ a 15 percent tax and use the tax revenue for a drug policy institute led by Springfield attorney Brad Bradshaw. Proposition 3 would only make medical marijuana legal under state statutes rather than the Missouri Constitution. Proposition 3 would also employ a 2 percent tax and use the tax revenue for veterans services as well as drug treatment and education programs.

Results will be updated as more information is available.