Tru Yo Under New Management

Tru Yo, the popular frozen yogurt shop near The Square in Kirksville, recently changed ownership and is undergoing changes to become Tru Yo Cafe.

After he graduated from Truman State, founder Jimmy Ressler sold the yogurt shop to Chris and Denise Bailey, who took over the business in the fall 2016. The shop, located near the intersection of Franklin and McPherson streets in downtown Kirksville, has a new name and logo. The new owners are implementing a number of changes at the establishment that aim to broaden the its offerings while maintaining the open atmosphere Tru Yo is known for.

The Baileys purchased the four-year-old business from Ressler, who graduated last year, on Sept. 1, 2016. The Baileys say the cafe will soon be offering made-to-order sandwiches, salads and soups alongside its frozen yogurt. Additionally, the floor was redone, new wood facing was put on the bar and the green and pink walls were painted over in Truman colors of purple and white. The pricing system for yogurt will also change — customers will now pay a single price for each different sized cup that can be filled with yogurt and toppings. Denise Bailey says that, within a year, she plans to start a catering service, which will serve weddings, dances and schools The Baileys also plan on taking advantage of the cafe’s location to create an atmosphere welcoming to college students.

“We want to make it an atmosphere that’s comfortable, that’s suitable for a college student who wants to grab a bite and go, or if they want to come in here and do their homework,” says Chris Bailey.

Chris Bailey also says free Wi-Fi and charging stations will be available in the cafe. He says he wants to create an open atmosphere that is welcoming to everyone, and doesn’t just cater to one specific group. He says he wants it to be a place where everyone is comfortable. The Baileys also say they plan to host fundraisers and events in the space.

“We’re going to continue to try new things and fall forward” says Chris Bailey. “If it doesn’t work, we try something new.”