Meet the Candidates: Associate 2nd Circuit Judge

Kristie J. Swaim – D

Swaim has served as associate 2nd circuit judge since 2003. Swaim said at the candidate forum she brings experience and familiarity to the position. She said she believes sentencing and bail is set by state law, and she opposes deviating from the sentencing guidelines set forward by law. She said anything else is judicial activism, and it isn’t up to a judge to consider their personal feelings when setting bail and sentencing.


Ben Gray – I

Gray is an attorney active in the state who has never served as a judge before, but he said at the candidate forum he does not believe Swaim’s court is fair. Gray said he thinks the court should be run more smoothly. He said he believes his experience as an attorney has adequately prepared him for the judgeship, especially the tough schedule and long days.