Meet the Candidates: State House District 3

Joni Perry – D

Joni Perry, a professional counselor living in Kirksville, has the Democratic nomination for Missouri House of Representatives. This is Perry’s first time running for office. At the Kirksville Area Chamber of Commerce candidate forum, Perry said she supports funding higher and K-12 education. She also endorsed Amendment 1, claiming the ballot measure is a step in the right direction, and she said Missouri should take advantage of the federal Medicare expansion program. Perry often speaks about her willingness to be an open and easily accessible representative if elected.


Danny Busick – R

Danny Busick, a small-business owner and retired minister from Newtown, has the Republican nomination for the Missouri House of Representatives. Busick is the owner of Jim’s Radio & TV and has made Northeast Missouri values some of his top campaign priorities. At the candidate forum, Busick said he supports the economic development of the Kirksville area, but the area water supply needs more improvements to encourage more growth. He said he thinks health insurance companies should cover pre-existing conditions and education should be handled by local school boards, not the state legislature.